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What is freshen?

A program that sorts files based on various attributes from the windows context menu. Simply install the program and your context menu will have an added Sort Files entry.

Nothing complicated, it gets the job done.

What is the context menu?

The context menu is the option menu created from right clicking, such as:


Install from PyPI

First, install the pip package

pip install freshen-sorter

Install the dependencies:

pip install pyyaml
pip install context_menu

and run the following command to install to the context menu.

freshen -i

And you’re done!

To uninstall, simply run:

freshen -u

Installing from Source files

  1. Download the latest release from the repository.

  2. Unzip the folder to a location where it won’t be moved.

  3. Run the file


Made to be simple! No complicated command lines needed.

  1. Install the required files.
  2. Right click on the background of any Directory
  3. Go to the Sort Files option and selected the desired organizer.


There are four different options to organize files.

Sort by File Type

Probably the most useful organizer. Sorts each file into a folder based on the config/filegroups.yml file. The file already comes with the most common file extensions for each type of file(pictures, videos, etc.)


As mentioned earlier, the Sort by File Type uses the filegroups.yml to determine organization. This file can be manually changed to change the desired output, and the organization is quite straightforward.

# Audio Files
  - aif
  - cda
  - mid
  - midi
  - mp3
  - mpa
  - ogg
  - wav
  - wma
  - wpl
# Archive files
  - 7z
  - arj
  - deb
  - pkg
  - rar
  - rpm
  - tar.gz
  - z
  - zip
# etc.

You can either change the filegroups.yml file in the src directory and use the files built from the src folder, or if you already have the built files you can directly change the file in the dist directory. The context menu reads the file every time it is ran, so it will instantly update.

Sort by extension

Quite straightforward. Sorts each file into folders exclusively based on their extension.

Sort by Date

The only option that uses a cascading context menu(nested menus).

Sorts each file by the DATE MODIFIED attribute of the file. Has three options:


Sorts up to the Day modified. Takes into account the year, month, and day.

├── _2019-05-16
├── _2019-05-19
├── _2019-05-24
└── _2019-06-28


Sorts up to the Month modified. Takes into account the year and month.

├── _2019-05
└── _2019-06


Sorts up to the Year modified. Takes into account only the year. ‘

└── _2019

Uproot Files

The only option that isn’t actually a sort. Recursively moves every file of every subdirectory from the current location to the current location. Useful for getting rid of unnecessary folders and flattening out a directory. For example:

  ├── Others
  │   └── database.accdb
  ├── audio
  │   ├── _2019-12-06
  │   │   └── music.mp3
  │   └── _2019-12-28
  │       └── music_.mp3
  ├── documents
  │   ├── _docx
  │   │   ├── document.docx
  │   │   ├── essay.docx
  │   │   └── grades.docx
  │   └── _txt
  │       └── notes.txt
  ├── executables
  │   └──
  └── videos
      └── video.mp4

Would be converted to:

├── database.accdb
├── document.docx
├── essay.docx
├── grades.docx
├── music.mp3
├── music_.mp3
├── notes.txt
└── video.mp4

BE VERY CAREFUL USING THIS! It is easy to permanently ruin a directory or files, especially if something relies on a specific folder tree, for example the windows directory.

Extra Information

If you are working with the source files do NOT move the files after running as it might cause the code to be unstable. The registry points to the absolute path of the files when installed and does not update.

Files shouldn’t be deleted or corrupted, as they haven’t through all my testing so far. But keep in mind anything is possible, and if you data is THAT important you should probably back it up somewhere. Keep in mind I am NOT responsible for any damages that may arise from this program. Use it at your own risk.

I also created some articles about this project! Check them out:


This project is licensed under the terms of the MIT license.

Check the original out on GitHub

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